Using Defender™ Bird Spikes to scare away birds & pigeons!

Our Defender™ Bird Spikes scare birds, in particular they scare pigeons, without harming them..

Scaring birds and scaring pigeons in this way is deemed humane as the actual bird or pigeon is not physically harmed.

To use terms such as scare birds or scare pigeons is probably incorrect as when the birds fly in to roost, the anti roosting spikes simply prevent them landing.

As the birds or pigeons are not hurt in any way the words scaring birds or scaring pigeons should probably be replaced by deterring birds or repelling pigeons. Well whether you want to scare pigeons or deter pigeons our Defender™ Spikes will certainly do the job. Click here to see Prices of our Bird Spikes.

View photos of Defender™ Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes installed

Defender™ 4 Narrow Plastic Bird Control Spikes on ledge
Keep birds and pigeons off your property with Defender™ Wide Steel Bird Spikes
Defender™ Narrow Steel Bird Spikes come with a 25 Year