Buy Direct From The Manufacturer Of Defender™ Bird Spikes

High Quality, Reliable Plastic and Steel Bird Spikes made by Defender™

Defender™ Bird and pigeon spikes are manufactured in the UK and sold and distributed all around the world. Defender™ believe in only producing high quality bird and pigeon spikes that can be used at industry level bird spike installations.

The Defender™ stainless steel bird control spikes come with a 25 Year “No Rust” Warranty. Many cheaper bird control spikes on the market will leave rust stains on your property and degrade over time. This often means that the pigeon prevention spikes no longer stop birds from landing on your building or ledge.

The Defender™ Plastic Pigeon Spikes come with a 15 Year Warranty and are made of UV stabilized polycarbonate. This means that even in extreme heat they will not become brittle or break. Install these bird control spikes with the peace of mind that they are made to last.

View photos of Defender™ Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes installed

Defender™ 4 Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spikes installed
Defender™ Narrow Steel Bird Spikes fixed with silicone on ledge
Defender™ Narrow Steel Bird Control Spikes