Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Bird & Pigeon Spikes
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Defender 4TM Stainless Steel Bird Spike & Pigeon Spikes

From $1.13 per ft

Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Bird Spikes can withstand the most heavily bird infested ledges. This robust stainless steel alternative to the Defender 4™ Plastic Spikes is perfect for the smaller ledge and will protect any surface up to 4 inches in depth. Manufactured from premium 304 Grade stainless steel this bird control spike will not leave unsightly rust stains on your property. They are made to last and include a 25 Year “No-Rust” Warranty.

Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes Kit Includes:

    Simply select the kit size you require from 4ft to 1000ft.
    FREE Silicone is included in all kits over 20ft – it can be purchased separately for smaller kits!
    Delivery included on all orders – no matter what size kit.
    Every kit includes a 40-Page Defender Pigeon Control Guide featuring tips, info and detailed installation instructions.
  • 25 YEAR “NO-RUST” Warranty
    Defender Bird Spikes will protect your property for years to come.
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Defender 4TM Stainless Steel Bird Spike & Pigeon Spikes - Product Details

Ledge Protection:

Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Bird Spikes will protect ledges that have a depth of up to 4 inches. If the area that you are trying to defend is over 4 inches use an extra row or the Defender 8™ Stainless Steel Pigeon Spike which can protect an area up to 8 inches wide.

Strip Length:

Each strip of Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Bird Spike is just over 13 inches in length. However the plastic base can be snapped with your fingers in to smaller sections if required. These can then be used on curved or uneven surfaces or the end of a row enabling a perfect fit.

Humane Bird Spikes:

All Defender™ Bird Control Products are completely humane. They will not harm the bird or cause it any pain. The pins simply make it uncomfortable for them to land or perch and they will move on to an easier nesting or roosting site. They act as a visual and physical deterrent to pigeons and like sized birds.


For complete customer satisfaction Defender Bird Spikes believe in only using high quality materials when manufacturing bird control products. The Defender 4™ Bird Control Spike pins are made from 304 grade stainless steel ensuring that they will not rust or weaken when exposed to the elements. The pins are inserted in to a super tough polycarbonate plastic base which is UV stabilised. This means it won’t become brittle or become discoloured. This bird spike comes with a 25 Year “No-Rust” Warranty that puts your mind at rest.

Installation Advice:

Easy to Install:

No professional help is required when fitting Defender™ Bird Spikes to your property. To install, we recommend that you simply apply a bead of  Defender™ fixing silicone to the base of the spike and press in to position. Always ensure that before installing the surface has been properly cleaned, dried and is free from bird droppings. If a less permanent fix is required zip ties, screws or nails can be used.

Silicone Fixing Holes:

The bases have specially designed cross shaped holes which the glue will squeeze through when pushed on to the surface. These will create cross shaped rivets that will lock the spike firmly in to position.


Additional information

Defender 4™ Stainless Steel Bird Spike Kit

20 ft Kit + 1 FREE Silicone, 100 ft Kit + 3 FREE Silicone, 400 ft Kit + 10 FREE Silicone, 1000 ft Kit + 30 FREE Silicone


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