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Defender 4TM Plastic Bird & Pigeon Spikes

From $0.56 per ft

The Defender 4™ Plastic Pigeon Spike is a great bird deterrent for narrow ledges or beams that have a depth of up to 4 inches. This bird deterrent spike can protect your property from roosting, nesting and perching pigeons and like sized birds. Manufactured from durable clear polycarbonate plastic, this spike is strong and unobtrusive. A plastic pigeon spike that is built to last, won’t become brittle or discolour and comes with a reassuring 15 Year Warranty.

Defender 4™ Plastic Pigeon Spikes Kit Includes:

    Simply select the kit size you require from 20ft to 400ft.
    FREE Silicone is included in all kits over 50ft – it can be purchased separately for smaller kits!
    Every kit includes a 40-Page Defender Pigeon Control Guide featuring tips, info and detailed installation instructions.
    Defender Bird Spikes will protect your property for years to come.
    All products are sold through Amazon – for quick countrywide shipping!

Various Pack Sizes Available

20 ft Kit $19.95
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50 ft Kit + 1 FREE Silicone $49.95
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100 ft Kit + 2 FREE Silicone $69.99
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400 ft Kit + 7 FREE Silicone $249.99
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Defender™ Bird & Pigeon Spike QTY:

Defender 4TM Plastic Bird & Pigeon Spikes - Product Details

Ledge Protection:

Defender Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spikes are suitable to protect ledge depths of up to 4 inches. The pins have been designed to stop pigeons and like sized birds from being able to land. For wider ledges it may be necessary for two or more rows to be used.

Strip Length:

The discreet Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spike is just over 13 inches in length. Each spike can be snapped with ease by hand in to 10 smaller section – no extra tools are required. The shortened bird deterrent spike can then be installed easily on to any size surface.

Humane Bird Spikes:

This humane pigeon deterrent spike does not harm or injure the bird, it simply moves them on to an easier nesting site. It is therefore important to install pigeon spikes on all areas around the property which are accessible and could be a potential nesting site.


Defender Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spikes are made from super tough UV stabilized Duralon. This brand of polycarbonate is guaranteed not to discolour or become brittle in direct sunlight or extreme weathers. This allows you to install the bird spike knowing it will last the duration, with this in mind it comes with a very positive 15 Year Warranty.

Installation Advice for Plastic Pigeon Spikes:

Easy to Install:

All plastic pigeon spike kits over 50ft will include enough Defender™ Silicone to install your bird spikes. The glue can be applied to the base of the strip ( A caulking gun will be required for larger tubes of glue).  The bird deterrent spike can then be pushed down into position on the clean and dry ledge. The bird spikes can also be fitted with zip ties, screws or nails if you would prefer.

Silicone Fixing Holes:

Each strip has 20 holes along the polycarbonate base, through which the Defender™ Silicone will ooze, locking the spike into position firmly and securely almost immediately.

Defender™ Fixing Silicone:

Our glue has been specially formulated to work in conjunction with Defender Bird Spikes. The adhesive reacts with the polycarbonate base and gives a strong permanent hold. Other silicones available on the market may not adhere to the base of our spikes.


Additional information

Defender 4™ Plastic Pigeon Spike Kit

20 ft Kit, 50 ft Kit + 1 FREE Silicone, 100 ft Kit + 2 FREE Silicone, 400 ft Kit + 7 FREE Silicone, 1000 ft Kit + 20 FREE Silicone


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