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DefenderTM Bird & Pigeon Spike Adhesive Glue

$23.99 each

Defender™ Pigeon & Bird Spike Adhesive Glue is a specially formulated silicone designed to fix all pigeon spikes and bird spikes securely in position. This high tack silicone ensures the bird spikes used to proof your home, start to work immediately and will keep your pigeon spikes in place for years. Defender™ Bird Spike Silicone will stick to most clean, dry surface including brick, timber, concrete, metal, glass and more meaning all areas of your property can be protected from birds.

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DefenderTM Bird & Pigeon Spike Adhesive Glue - Product Details

Specially Formulated:

Defender™ Bird Spike Adhesive has been specifically designed to work with the Defender™ Bird and Pigeon Spike range. However it will work equally well with all other bird spikes. This low modulus bird spike glue creates a strong bond with the Durolon polycarbonate bases used in the manufacture of both the Defender™ Plastic Pigeon Spikes and the Stainless Steel Bird Spikes.  It’s clear gel like consistency means it holds its shape and provides immediate grab ensuring the spikes are held in position, immediately bird proofing your home. Some lesser quality silicones do not stick adequately to the bases and birds have been known to peel the spikes off ledges.


All the Defender™ Bird Spike Kits come with enough free 10.1 oz tubes of silicone to complete your bird proofing job, however this is such a good quality product it’s great to have a little extra around the home for any unexpected home improvements.

Long Life Expectancy:

Defender™ knows how important good quality products are and that is why this particular bird spikes adhesive is recommended. It is used in mainly outdoor areas so it’s important that it retains its strength in all temperatures, ranging from -76 °F to 365 °F. It is also UV stabilized, just like our spike bases, so it will not discolor and is formulated to be corrosion free. In fact, this bird spike glue has a life expectancy of 35 years.


Defender™ Spike Adhesive is not paintable. Do not use with aquaria, on bitumen or asphalt, polyethylene or polypropylene surfaces. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability of use. Before use, always test the suitability by sticking down 1 section of bird spike for 24 hours.

Using Defender™ Pigeon & Bird Spike Adhesive Glue:

The only extra tools needed to apply Defender™ Bird Spikes Silicone is a caulking gun. Carefully cut the end of the tube off and then screw on the plastic nozzle. The tube is then inserted into the caulking gun and is ready to use. A thin bead should be applied along the whole length of the spike base. To achieve a good strong bond with the ledge that needs bird proofing, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of debris.


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Defender™ Bird Spike Adhesive - Extra Information

Defender™ Bird Spike Adhesive being used to install pigeon spikes.
Defender™ Bird Spike Adhesive Silicone Glue holding pigeon spikes firmly in place.
Defender™ Bird Spike Adhesive Glue is easy to use.