Defender™ Bird and Pigeon Spike Products

Buy Defender™ Anti-Bird Spikes & Anti-Pigeon Spikes directly from the manufacturer. These high quality bird spikes are made to last, protecting your homes and businesses from nesting and roosting pigeons and like sized birds. The Defender™ Plastic Anti-Pigeon Spikes are made from tough UV stabilized Durolon polycarbonate and come with a 15 year warranty while our Defender™ Stainless Steel Anti-Bird Spike comes with a 25 year “No Rust” warranty due to the pins being made from hard wearing 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

Most of our Defender™ kits come with FREE silicone, the perfect amount to finish your bird proofing and FREE shipping. Our anti-bird spike kits range from a handy 4 ft size to 1000 ft to help you solve your bird problem once and for all, no matter how large or small.

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