Defender™ Bird and Pigeon Deterrent Spike - Specifications

Defender 4™ Plastic Bird & Pigeon Spike - Technical Data Sheet

Defender 4™ Plastic Pigeon Spike Specification Sheet

Defender 4™ Steel Bird & Pigeon Spike - Technical Data Sheet

Defender 4™ Steel Bird Spike Specification Sheet

Defender 8™ Wide Steel Bird & Pigeon Spike - Technical Data Sheet

Defender 8™ Wide Steel Bird Spike Specification Sheet


Defender Bird Spike Specification PDF’s

Please click on the Defender Bird Control Spikes Products above to view the individual PDF specification sheets. These contain lots of extra technical data and are printable for further reference.

Pigeon and Bird Control Spikes – Product Specifications

The Defender™ Bird Control range of spikes are the preferred bird spike for the pest control trade worldwide. This is because of the high quality materials used to manufacture our spikes, which in turn means we can offer assuring warranties on all our products. The long life expectancy of our bird control spikes ensure that once a bird proofing job has been completed, it will last for years with little to no maintenance needed, keeping properties free from pigeons and birds around the world.

High Quality Manufacture

All Defender™ Bird Control Spike products are made with high quality materials to ensure a long lasting reliable product. The 4 mm thick bases of all the Defender spikes are moulded using Durolon polycarbonate resin, an ultra violet light-stabilized plastic. (Product Code HFV-1700) This polycarbonate has a high temperature resistance with no loss of mechanical strength at over 266 °F.

The protruding pins used in the stainless steel bird control spikes are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel which has a tensile strength of 1600 N/mm. Each pin is clipped into the polycarbonate base individually by hand. The length of each pin is 112mm from base to top and the blunt end of the pin has a diameter of approximately 1.42 mm. The angles and spacing of the pins can be determined from the PDF diagrams above and are specifically spaced to prevent pigeons and birds from gaining access to the bird proofed ledge.

Defender Bird Control Spikes – Key Features

Long Life Expectancy

All Defender ™ Bird Control Spikes come with reassuring warranties. Our Defender 4™ Plastic Pigeon Spike comes with a 15 year warranty due to the super tough polycarbonate used in its manufacture. The Defender 4™ and Defender 8™ Stainless Steel Bird Control Spikes are sold to you with a 25 year “No Rust” warranty. Once you have installed your bird control spikes, you can confidently leave the Defender Spikes to keep your property bird free for years to come.

Ledge Protection

We have bird spikes to suit all size ledges and areas that need to be bird proofed. The narrow Defender 4™ Bird Spikes come in both plastic and stainless steel versions, these are perfect for proofing narrow ledges or sills that are up to 4 inches in depth. The Defender 8™ Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spike has 4 rows of protruding pins that gives a superior  8 inch protection.

Easily snapped into sections

All the Defender™ Bird Control Spikes are easy to install. Along the base of the spike are grooves which can be simply snapped with your fingers. No specialist tools are needed and the bird spikes can be made to fit any length ledge exactly. These smaller sections also make installation on uneven surfaces or curved areas very easy.

Patented Silicone Fixing Holes

Along the base of the Defender™ Bird Control Spikes are specially shaped holes. When adhesive silicone is applied to the base of the bird spikes which are then pressed down onto a ledge, the silicone glue will oozes through the holes. This forms rivets that lock the spike firmly to the surface.