Defender™ 4 Pigeon Spikes – Humane Bird Control Deterrent

Newly launched, a website providing solutions for safe and effective pigeon deterrence, now makes pigeon deterrence easily accessible to U.S consumers.  

Miami , FL (PRWEB) Aug. 31, 2005 – Last week saw the launch of website and their Defender 4 anti-roosting pigeon spikes in the United States, a new and exciting product from the leading and highly respected manufactures of bird spikes in the UK. The animal conscious pigeon spikes simply prevent pigeons from landing without causing harm.

Deterapigeon has been established in England since 1996 and David Jones (Director of Deterapigeon) invented and patented the Defender 4 pigeon spikes a year earlier, in 1995. The Defender 4 bird spikes are considered to be the market leader in Europe and are still the only pest control product recommended by the internationally renowned Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).

Defender 4 pigeon spikes are now available directly to property owners in the United States and offer total protection against pigeons landing. The Defender 4 offers a tried and tested product of superb quality combined with second to none customer service.

Unlike many suppliers of pigeon deterrent and pigeon spike products, Deterapigeon offers their customer base a comprehensive inquiry service guaranteeing a response to pigeon control inquiries within two hours. If the two-hour deadline is missed, Deterapigeon will send the inquirer a large bar of chocolate! Not only does Deterapigeon offer its customers a real service but, working with PiCAS International and PiCAS USA, Deterapigeon offers expert advice based on 30+ years of experience in the pest control industry.

Deterapigeon’s Defender 4 pigeon deterrent is 100% humane and non-lethal providing the customer with a wholly non-invasive means of controlling bird populations. Defender 4 pigeon spikes are cheap to purchase due to the fact that the customer is buying a factory direct product and Defender 4 pigeon spikes are simple to install without the need to seek out the services of a specialist or contractor. The average person can easily install Defender 4 pigeon spikes, empowering U.S customers to undertake installation themselves by following the comprehensive installation guide supplied with the product.

David Jones, Director of Deterapigeon said: “We are extremely excited about the launch of our Defender bird spikes in the United States. We are a family business maintaining the ethic of offering good value for money combined with unparalleled customer service. We hope to offer our US customers the same level of service that we have always offered our British and European customers.”

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For almost 10 years Deterapigeon has been a leader in safe pigeon spike solutions in the UK. In 1995, David Jones, Director ofDeterapigeon invented and patented the Defender 4 pigeon spikes which safely deter pigeons without harming them. This still remains the only pest control product recommended by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).

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