Pigeon Wire & Pigeon Spikes stop birds from nesting or roosting on your property!

Pigeon wire is considered by many to be a good way to solve a problem with pigeons, however, many people are discovering that pigeon wire is not as effective as pigeon spikes.

Pigeon wire, like pigeon spikes, is installed in order to eliminate a problem that many property owners have with nesting pigeons. Pigeon wire and pigeon spikes are considered to be one of the only humane ways to rid your property of a pigeon problem.

Many property owners are finding it difficult to rid themselves of their Pigeon Problem in a safe and effective way. Pigeon wire is a step in the right direction, however, pigeon spikes are the most effective way to eliminate your pigeon problem permanently in a safe way.

Property owners know that pigeon waste, feathers and nesting materials not only make your property look terrible, but they also can damage your property and they pose a significant health hazard. Pigeon wire and pigeon spikes are used to combat this problem and make sure your property does not suffer any further damage.

Virtually invisible after installed, pigeon wire and pigeon spikes prevent pigeons from nesting on your roof, ledge, fence or anywhere else that you install them.

Pigeons carry a number of different diseases ranging from salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis. While there is debate in the scientific community as to whether or not pigeons can directly pass these diseases to humans, the potential risk cannot be ignored.

Property owners know the damage caused by pigeons – their droppings, feathers and nesting materials can severely damage directly and indirectly (causing clogged drains, etc). Pigeon wire and pigeon spikes can end your pigeon problems quickly, easily and effectively.

Deter a Pigeon is proud to offer an alternative to pigeon wire that is safe, effective and will completely eliminate your pigeon problem safely and humanely. The pigeon spikes sold by Deter a Pigeon do not have toxins or poisons that can be a danger to pets and children.

Large buildings and complexes have used pigeon spikes from Deter a Pigeon for nearly a decade and now you can get your pigeon spikes for your property instead of pigeon wire or dangerous pigeon poisons and toxic materials.

With Deter a Pigeon your pigeon problem will be eliminated permanently with pigeon spikes rather than pigeon wire.