Defender™ Pigeon Spikes – effective protection against pigeons!

Pigeon spikes by Deterapigeon have revolutionized the industry. Defender™ 4 Narrow Stainless Steel pigeon spikes are the most effective, safe deterrents from roosting pigeons. After first bursting onto the scene in 1995, these amazing pigeon spikes are now the industry standard.

Pigeon control is a real problem for many businesses and homeowners. Pigeon waste can pose a health hazard and nesting pigeons can impact your business and your home value. Though it is important to control pigeon nesting, it is equally important to do it in a safe, humane way – Defender™ 4 Narrow Stainless Steel pigeon spikes by Deterapigeon are the perfect cure for this issue.

Nearly invisible once installed, these incredible pigeon spikes deter pigeons from nesting on your roof, ledge, fence or anywhere else they are installed. Pigeon spikes are a strip of dense spikes made out of stainless steel that prevent pigeons from nesting on your property without harming them.

Defender™ 4 Narrow Stainless Steel pigeon spikes by Deterapigeon are economical and the most effective protection available for pigeon control. The pigeon spikes are sold in thirteen-inch strips in boxes containing 40 feet worth of pigeon spikes. Defender™ 4 Narrow Stainless Steel pigeon spikes are easy to install and provide instant protection from pigeon nesting on your property.

Pigeons can carry a number of different diseases ranging from salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis. While there is debate in the scientific community as to whether or not pigeons can directly pass these diseases to humans the potential risk cannot be ignored.

Pigeons, aside from their threat to humans and domestic animals through disease, their droppings, nesting materials and dead carcasses can cause mite and insect infestations which create further hazards for humans and domestic pets.

Building owners are all too familiar with the damage that pigeon droppings can cause to their buildings and other property. These same droppings, nesting materials and pigeon feathers also block gutters and rain pipes and can lead to damage to the building as a result.

The nuisance and dangers inherent in any area where pigeons are nesting is evident and real which is why many property owners are using pigeon spikes to control the problem without harming the pigeons. This humane way of pigeon control is the only effective means of alleviating your problem without breaking the law or hurting the pigeons physically.

Companies such as Deterapigeon pride itself on offering only humane ways to deter pigeons from perching on your property. Our pigeon spikes are safe, effective and easy to install. These pigeon spikes do not contain any poisonous materials or toxins that can harm children and pets which make these safe for homes and businesses.

Many large buildings and complexes have been using pigeon spikes for several years, previously, they were not readily available for homeowners. Deterapigeon, creators of Defender™ 4 Narrow Stainless Steel pigeon spikes now offers these highly effective, cost effective, easy to install pigeon spikes for businesses and homeowners alike.

You can now protect your property, your staff, your families, friends and business contacts by using these pigeon spikes and ridding yourself of the health risks and the property damage associated with nesting pigeons. These pigeon spikes are easy to install and will safely end your problem with unwanted pigeons and other nesting birds.