Defender™ Bird Spikes can get rid of your pigeon problem!

A pigeon problem is something all too many property owners are aware of. Having a pigeon problem puts your property at risk, your family/friends and business contacts at risk and your health at risk.

Pigeon spikes by Deter a Pigeon have completely changed the industry and are the safest and most effective protection from property damage associated with nesting pigeons – once and for all eliminating your pigeon problem.

Pigeon spikes are the most effective way to end your pigeon problem, and for nearly a decade the pigeon spikes by Deter a Pigeon have set the standard in the industry helping countless property owners rid themselves of their pigeon problem.

It is an unfortunate reality that many property owners are forced to deal with a pigeon problem caused by nesting pigeons resulting in pigeon waste, feathers, and nesting materials that diminish property values and cause health risks.

Pigeon spikes are a solution to your pigeon problem that are nearly invisible once you have installed them on your roof, ledge or fence – you will be amazed at how fast these spikes are installed and how quickly you can end your pigeon problem.

You can end your pigeon problem very economically with the pigeon spikes offered by Deter a Pigeon. The pigeon spikes offered by Deter a Pigeon include thirteen-inch strips that come in boxes with 40 feet worth of pigeon spikes – that’s 40 feet of the solution to your pigeon problem.

Pigeons carry a number of different diseases ranging from salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis. While there is debate in the scientific community as to whether or not pigeons can directly pass these diseases to humans, the potential risk cannot be ignored.

Property owners know that pigeon droppings cause damage to their building and other property. Pigeon droppings, nesting materials and feathers can also block gutters, rain pipes and lead to significant property damage – further adding to an already significant pigeon problem.

Deter a Pigeon is proud to have a solution to your pigeon problem that is humane, safe and effective. In fact, Deter a Pigeon has been solving the pigeon problem of large buildings and complexes around the world for many years and now the solution to your pigeon problem is a few clicks away on your keyboard.

You can now protect your property and your family/friends and business associates by installing the safest, most effective solution to your pigeon problem – pigeon spikes by Deter a Pigeon. With Deter a Pigeon on your side you will never again have a pigeon problem.