Bird Spikes Can Help Reduce Harmful Pigeon Diseases – Fact or Myth

When ordering pigeon control services or pigeon control products from a pest control contractor or a company that sells deterrents, the average property owner does so primarily because he or she feels that they have a pigeon control problem, but also because they are concerned about the threat of disease, like Histoplasmosis, that can be spread by birds. This disease is caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings. It also grows in soils and is found throughout the world. When cleaning droppings a person may breathe in some of the fungus, which in cases of high exposure can cause infection.

Pigeons should be regarded as potential transmitters of disease. It is known that a high proportion of pigeons are infected with ornithosis and some have been shown to carry the more widely known salmonellosis. Although the risk to humans is low, this public health hazard cannot be ignored. If pigeon control problems are not dealt with as soon as they start, the problem is likely to become entrenched resulting in very considerable cost and inconvenience to the property or business owner. In a vast majority of cases there is a need to undertake some form of pigeon control, and to act promptly, but the steps taken to resolve the problem should not be underpinned by the threat of disease.

Pigeons, like every other species of bird, wild or domesticated, have the potential to pass on disease to human beings, as well as other birds and indeed animals, but the likelihood of this actually happening is low, and certainly not high enough to the point where human health is concerned. Although pigeons have the potential to pass on disease, and the pigeon control industry has grown up around this relative myth, it is a fact that in 99% of situations where there is a minor soiling problem as a result of pigeons roosting, the concern for disease is hardly considered. With the right preventative measures, and responsiveness to pigeon-related problems. property owners that take immediate action and secure pigeon control services can avoid any harmful diseases.

Interestingly, it is those involved in the breeding and pigeon racing industries that become vulnerable to diseases transmitted by pigeons. Where pigeons are housed in loft environments or where pigeons have been roosting in large numbers, like on a building rooftop, well dried pigeon excrement can- if improperly disturbed-, cause respiratory problems for those entering or enjoying the area. A majority of cases like these could be avoided if the breeders would take the proper action for pigeon control. For those involved in the racing pigeon industry, ensuring that pigeon lofts are kept clean and excrement is cleaned on a daily basis will negate any possibility of contracting a harmful disease, like a respiratory condition.

Of course, common sense is required when being faced with a pigeon control problem in an enclosed space. If breeders are entering a space that is enclosed and protected from the outside elements, it is important to take the most basic measures, such as wearing a paper breathing mask, or changing your shoes before entering and exiting the cage. If breeders are physically handling the excrement then gloves make a sensible precaution, followed by thoroughly washing your hands once leaving the area. By installing pigeon control deterrents in the cage, there would be less build up of excrement, and breeders could reduce clean up times without harming the pigeons natural roosting.

Therefore, the fact is that harmful diseases do exist and can be spread by pigeons, but the myth that pigeons are spreading these diseases at an alarming rate is clearly not a major factor when pigeon-related problems are a concern. Surely to help prevent the on-set of these diseases, the fact is that finding the safest and most effective pigeon control product is still extremely important.

Deterapigeon provides the Defender anti-roosting spike, which would be most cost-effective and easy to install for small breeders, as well as large-scale property owners and business. The Defender anti-roosting spike is 100% effective if installed as recommended by the manufacturer and is one of the few pigeon control products that available that does not harm the pigeons many of us have grown to endure and even enjoy.